Love Walked In, by Marisa de los Santos

Love Walked In, by Marisa de los Santos

For the first two-thirds of this book, I was in love. The prose was so taut and engaging, I didn’t want to put the darn book down (even though I am technically supposed to be reading Emma). The cultural references alone (books, movies, music) were enough to keep me riveted. I loved the pert and unique language of the adult heroine: Cornelia. Also, the author was very adept at creating very different, very believable voices for the two protagonists: Cornelia and Clare.

So, when the last act came around, I was disappointed. I think the author had so much to accomplish in those last few chapters (especially with making the plot conform to the romance formula) that the writing was focused on accomplishing the end, rather than telling the end. Plot twists and turns abound in that third act, some, even, that I felt weren’t true to the characters.

Some other minor complaints: (1) The chapters alternated between Cornelia (in first person) and Clare (in third person). While I generally liked the technique, it was disarming to have to switch from first to third person every few pages. (2) All of the characters were unrealistically beautiful. (3) This isn’t related to the book, but I think Sarah Jessica Parker is all wrong to play Cornelia in the movie. Cornelia is described as five feet tall with dark, pixie-cut hair, with a face resembling that of Audrey Hepburn. Come on.

Love Walked In, by Marisa de los Santos [rating:3]

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