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Some of you may have noticed some changes in my left sidebar. My “blogroll” was getting a little out of control, taking over the world with its lengthiness. I therefore decided to prioritize. My fifteen favorite book blogs (subject to shuffle and revision) remain in the sidebar, along with links to authors. All of the other book blogs of which I am aware and to which I subscribe now constitute a List o’ Book Blogs page, accessible in the Navigation section.


I recently changed the format of my reviews. See my reviews of Stardust and The Post-Birthday World for examples. Part of what prompted me to start a book blog was a longing for the kind of interaction provided by literature classes. Reviews are generally limited in scope because the reviewer is writing, presumably, to those who have not yet read the book. I would like to expand the scope of the audience to include those who have read the book and those who are currently reading the book. Thus, the changed format.

I now divide my reviews into three sections, based on whether the reader has read the book or not. The first section, the review, is labeled “FOR FUTURE READERS.” Easy enough, right? The next section, the thought questions, is labeled “FOR PRESENT READERS.” And, finally, the last section, my response, which may contain spoilers, is labeled “FOR PAST READERS.” I hope this will foster more discussion.


My 100th Post Celebratory Giveaway is going on until the end of the month. Make sure you enter here to win a lovely book-lover’s package and then leave lots and lots of comments!


  • Do you visit my actual site or do you primarily read it through a reader of some sort?
  • How do you feel about the layout? Are you able to find what you are looking for?
  • Is having a page of book blogs helpful?
  • Do you have any thoughts, comments, questions, or suggestions on the new format for my reviews?