Creepers, by Joanne Dahme

Creepers, by Joanne Dahme

I received this book for free from the publisher. All content and opinions are my own.

CreepersUnfortunately, Creepers, by Joanne Dahme is probably a skipper.

Courtney and her parents just moved to Murmur, Massachusetts, into a three-hundred-year-old house covered in possessed ivy. Soon after arrival, Courtney meets Mr. Geyer and his daughter, Margaret. The Geyers inform Courtney that the house was once inhabited by Christian Geyer and his daughter, Prudence. Tragically, Prudence died young. In his grief, Christian was bewitched by a witch who convinced him to bind himself to his dead daughter via ivy. The Geyers must find the graves of Christian and Prudence to free themselves of their family’s curse. Margaret and her family help the odd pair in their quest.

This book was a bit of a mess. The writing was really stilted. The tone was all over the place. And, now that I mention it, so was the plot. The plot didn’t seem to have a clear direction and the tension, in a supposed mystery, just wasn’t there. The chracters were very flat and played along with whatever the plot required. This was a disappointing debut.

Creepers, by Joanne Dahme [rating:2]