Something Wickedly Weird: The Icy Hand, by Chris Mould

Something Wickedly Weird: The Icy Hand, by Chris Mould

I received this book for free from the publisher. All content and opinions are my own.

The Icy HandThe Icy Hand is the second book in the Something Wickedly Weird series by Chris Mould. I haven’t read the first book, but this one provided enough back story that I quickly caught up.

SPOILERS FROM THE FIRST BOOK – Stanley, our young hero, has inherited a large and decrepit mansion from his great-uncle Admiral Bartholomew Swift. During his previous and first visit to Cramdock Rock, an incident with a werewolf, pirates, and a talking fish left Stanley with a mythical item called the Ibis. When Stanley touched the Ibis, the earth shook and released two rather angry dead pirates from their icy tomes. – END SPOILERS.

In this installment, Stanley is back for a relaxing winter visit to the island. From chats with the talking fish, Stanley knows that the two dead pirates, Partridge and McCormick, are on their way to confront him. Headless, mostly-dead great uncle Bart also makes an appearance. With his new friend Daisy and some help from the housekeeper Mrs. Carelli, Stanley sets out to protect the Ibis and confront Partridge and McCormick before they can set “the quickening” into motion.

I enjoyed reading this book. The illustrations are great. The characters are fun. And the story is action-packed and suspenseful – for kids. While it would be interesting to read with kids, it’s probably not enough to hold an adult’s attention. I would recommend this for kids between 6- and 10-years-old.

Something Wickedly Weird: The Icy Hand, by Chris Mould [rating:3]