Amsterdam, by Ian McEwan

Amsterdam, by Ian McEwan

AmsterdamAgain, I was able to coordinate my reading with my travels. I read this book in between airport stops in Amsterdam. I love it when that happens.

As it turns out though, Amsterdam primarily takes place in England. It starts out with two men, friends, at a funeral of their former lover. Clive is a famous modern composer who is currently working on a commissioned symphony to celebrate the new millennium. Vernon is the editor of newspaper who is currently working on a major breaking news story. Their friendship is tested as they each make choices about their lives, their work, and their deaths.

The structure, writing, and execution of this book is flawless. Though apparently simple and short, McEwan manages to weave a complicated story with profound implications. I can see why this book won the Booker prize. Ian McEwan is quickly becoming one of my favorite living authors.

Amsterdam, by Ian McEwan [rating:5]

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