Midnight Sun, by Stephenie Meyer

Midnight Sun, by Stephenie Meyer

Even though it hasn’t yet been published, at 264 pages I’m counting Midnight Sun as a book read for the year.

So, you probably know the premise. Stephenie Meyer, authoress of the Twilight saga, wrote the first chapter of Twilight from Edward’s perspective as an exercise in character development. From this exercise sprang the idea for Midnight SunTwilight told from Edward’s perspective. Meyer initially made that original exercise available on her website and later started drafting the whole book. Unfortunately (or fortunately), one of the drafts was leaked on the internet, apparently ruining the project for her. She then reluctantly released a draft of it online for the fans. It was this that I read.

Now, you might think – Twilight from Edward’s perspective? Sounds boring. It does sound boring, but it isn’t. Not at all. I loved it. It’s cheesy and poorly written – unedited even. But still, this this is the Bella and Edward that enticed me to read 2000 pages. This is how I want to remember them, the Twilight / Midnight Sun Bella and Edward. NOT the Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Bella and Edward. (New Moon falls into a nether-category for me, so I’ll just ignore it here.) Also, seeing things from Edward’s perspective is (a) a refreshing break from Bella’s head and (b) very enlightening. There is no denying that Meyer can tell a story. Sadly, it isn’t finished! It just cuts off. I want more!

In all, I would recommend this to fans of Twilight -not that most of those fans need a recommendation. And I do sincerely hope that it eventually gets published, if only so I can have it sit, matching, next to the rest of the series. (I love that Stephenie Meyer admitted to this motivation for potentially seeking publication – at least before the leak.)

Midnight Sun, by Stephenie Meyer [rating:4]

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