Rebecca - The Movie

Rebecca – The Movie

On Sunday, I watched the movie Rebecca for the Lit Flicks Challenge. I’m not a movie critic, so I’m mostly going to review the movie from the adaptation standpoint. Thus, *spoilers* appear below. For my review of the book, see here.

In general, this was a faithful adaptation of the book. It even starts out with the dream and famous first line: “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.” However, the movie didn’t quite capture the magic of the book for me.

Though I’m not usually bothered by this, I was disappointed that the movie was in black and white. Right, 1940. But the images and colors in the book, particularly the drive up to Manderley and the blood-red flowers around the house, were an important part of the book for me. Also, the shots of Manderley were not very clear, as if they didn’t have an amazingly beautiful house to shoot. Anyway, the movie didn’t really work visually for me.

Also, I didn’t quite feel the horror of the thing. Based on the book and the fact that Alfred Hitchcock directed the movie, I was expecting a little more horror. Maybe they softened the plot up too much by having Rebecca’s death be “accidental.” Maybe it’s because I knew what was going to happen. I don’t know.

In spite of my other complaints, the acting was admittedly excellent. Both Olivier and Fontaine were perfect as Max de Winter and the second Mrs. de Winter. The best casting, though, in my opinion was Judith Anderson as Mrs. Danvers. She was so creepy!

In all, this was an enjoyable movie to watch. But here’s to hoping someone does a remake – in color!