The Sighing of the Winter Trees, by Laura Grossman

The Sighing of the Winter Trees, by Laura Grossman

I received this book for free from the publisher. All content and opinions are my own.

Welcome to today’s stop on Laura Grossman’s blog tour! The Sighing of the Winter Trees is her first collection of poetry.

I liked these poems. I didn’t love them, though; I think because I couldn’t get inside of them. I tend to love poetry that takes something ordinary and simple and turns it around or views it through a different prism. Grossman’s poetry is more basic than that. Here is an example:

The Fish Tank

The fish tank
Full of fish
With a cheerful
Light on
Glowing bright in the night.

Simple and interesting, but not very deep. Still, the book flows well and the poems are short and concise. The major recurring themes are seasons, holidays, purple, mystery, flowers, sunsets, waiting, and death. Interestingly, Grossman uses little to no punctuation, which I think helps the poems flow.

In sum, the subtitle “Poetry to Warm Those Cold Winter Chills” is pretty accurate. Despite several poems about summer, this would be a good collection to curl up with a blanket and hot chocolate on a cold winter night. I’ll conclude with my two favorite poems from the collection (one coincidentally about hot chocolate):


Summer is here
Again like a
Merry go round and
Pink cotton candy
By the beach is
Dandy and the summer
Days blossom full heartedly

Standing by the
Towards summer’s
Watching the lonely
And the salty
Water tears
Of “summer goodbye”

A Hot Cup of Autumn

The dark chocolatey taste
Of cocoa
On an autumn day
Robust, warm and
Joyous in every way
A hot cup of autumn
Beside the fall leaves
Crackling and the orange
Sleepy sun of autumn
Yawning, trying to come
Out someway, beside the
Brown leaves crackling
And a cup of autumn
Warmth on an autumn

The Sighing of the Winter Trees, by Laura Grossman [rating:3]