And Only To Deceive, by Tasha Alexander

And Only To Deceive, by Tasha Alexander

Title: And Only To Deceive
Author: Tasha Alexander
Pages: 336
Publisher: Harper
Copyright: 2006
Format: Paperback
Rating: [rating:3]


Lady Emily married her husband Philip Ashton simply to escape her mother. So she was somewhat relieved when he died in Africa several months after their marriage, leaving her well provided for. The requisite two years of mourning has been rather painful for her, because she never really cared to find out about her husband. Her curiosity about him is only piqued after discovering that he was, among other things, an art collector. Disregarding the social customs, Lady Emily begins to study art and Greek and to drink port and to fall in love with her dead husband. Along the way, she ends up in the middle of an international art scheme and a love triangle.

I enjoyed this book. It was simple and fun. The writing was fine, the characterization was fine, and the plot was very compelling. Lady Emily was an interesting character, who grows throughout the book. And her studies did make me want to read The Iliad. There’s not a lot of substance here, though, just a light Victorian mystery with a little love story thrown in for good measure. I’d recommend it for a lazy day.

The Lady Emily series was my new book club‘s selection for September. There are three other novels in the series so far.

And Only To Deceive, by Tasha Alexander [rating:3]

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