Freshman for President, by Ally Condie

Freshman for President, by Ally Condie

Freshman for PresidentTitle: Freshman for President
Author: Ally Condie
Pages: 282
Originally Published: 2008
Format I Read: Paperback
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Rating: [rating:4]


When I first heard about the premise of this book, a freshman in high school runs for president of the United States, I had my doubts about my ability to like it. After all, the Constitution provides that you have to be at least 35-years-old to be president. Luckily, the book resolves this issue rather quickly:

“I don’t think you can run for president unless you’re a lot older,” said Jack. “Don’t you have to be forty or something?”
“Thirty-five,” said Paige, who, in spite of her rather unimpressive report card, was probably one of the smartest kids in their grade.
Eden sounded impatient. “You can’t actually be president unless you’re thirty-five. But I don’t think there’s any rule against running for president. I’ll look into it.”
“I still think this is insane,” Jack said. Milo ignored him.
A few moments later Eden was back from the computer. “I was right. There’s no rule in the Constitution against running for president. It just says that you can’t be ‘eligible to that office’ unless you’re thirty-five. . . .”

And so Milo Wright, with the support of his three closest friends (Eden, Paige, and Jack), decides to run for president of the United States as a write-in candidate. And the campaign “Write In Wright” is born. Milo’s campaign was not particularly a bid to win, but rather a device to raise awareness about issues facing teenagers.

Despite this somewhat odd setup, I was really impressed with Condie’s writing. She managed to make the characters real and interesting, while still having them sound and act like the teenagers they are. And the story had some nice twists and subplots.

Anyway, the short of it is that I’ll definitely be watching for more work from Ally Condie – especially her new book Matched, which will come out in November and is getting huge buzz already.

Freshman for President, by Ally Condie [rating:4]

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