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What are your sources for literary news? In particular, do you have any non-internet sources for your literary news? Other than the blogosphere and literary websites, I tend to gather my literary news from the following sources:

I’ve only recently subscribed to The New York Review of Books. So far, it has been a little overwhelming for me. It’s huge! And very . . . technical in tone. But I’ve liked a few of the articles. The Salt Lake Tribune can hardly be considered a literary news source, as it’s book coverage consists of about one page once a week. But still, I read it. I’m a long-time subscriber of The New Yorker – they include a few good book tidbits in each issue. And NPR always has good stuff – when I can catch it.

I used to get The New York Times, and their book coverage is fantastic. But it’s a little too pricey at the moment. I’m just curious; where do you get your literary news?

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  • Jenny

    I used to read The Daily Heralds book reviews. It wasn’t great but that’s where I heard about Graceling. Now it’s pretty much the blogging community or recs from you guys at book club. My TBR list has grown so much since I started blogging I’d be terrified to see what it did if I subscribed to all theses.

  • Jessica

    Jenny – Most of my recommendations comes from blogging too. And, after hitting the latest issue of The New York Review of Books tonight, I think I know why. Bloggers, in general, just get to why they liked a book or didn’t like a book. Professional reviews, while there is certainly a place for them, often fail to get me excited about a book.

  • Michelle

    Honestly, I don’t get it from anywhere specifically. I just come across it. I don’t really read professional journals yet. I do look at the books listed in People when it comes out. Working in a public library it helps to know what is new coming out and what might be popular and I’ve found a few books that way. I have also checked yahoo on it’s book page for news on books but I don’t do it that often. Just when I think of it. I’d love to find some great sources for recommendations, but just haven’t really tried too hard yet. I have too much to read for school still. Perhaps once classes are over. I will say that I have been told The New Yorker is the be all end all in that area.

  • Jessica

    Michelle – Working in a library is probably an awesome way to get literary information! I do like The New Yorker, but I wouldn’t say it’s the be all end all on literary news, largely because it also covers so many other topics. And, though I do try to read literary journals and things, most of my book recommendations and news comes from blogs and friends.

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