On this, the second day of a brand new year, my thoughts are wrapped around this blog and my reading plan for the year. This year, there are but three goals:

Read 50 books.
At one point, not so long ago, I would have set this goal at 100. But, with my life the way it is at the moment, 50 is a goal that I will struggle to attain. I work part-time as a lawyer. I’m a full-time wife and mother to an almost-two-year-old. I have housework and a dog. Then there are the church responsibilities and eating and sleeping. And reading has to fit in with all of this. But I am determined to make it so. Reading is something that makes me happy. It makes me somehow free. So, this year, I would like to read 50 books.

Read both carefully and freely.
I know this sounds like an oxymoron. But I don’t think it is. Rather than box myself into specific goals (and thereby create the insta-feeling of suffocation), I want to be able to read whatever strikes me. And yet, I do want to read more carefully. There are hundreds of books on that darn TBR list. There are dozens of particular classics I’ve been meaning to get to. I’d like to read more widely, geographically speaking. I’d like to read more of those books that will make me feel more “well read.” And so, I’m going to read freely, but with an eye on those books that will truly enrich me as a person.

Write more personably – at least once a week.
Wordpress is telling me that “personably” isn’t a word, but I’m going to go with it. For the most part, on this blog, I’m not that personal. I post reviews and news items, but rarely share personal information. Now, I’m not going to be handing out my social security number or anything, but I would like this to be a more personal place. More in the vein of a reading journal than rote reviews.

In order to have a more complete record and a more meaningful conversation with you, I’m setting the goal of posting at least once a week. Again, not so long ago, this goal would have been as high as posting everyday, but reality is reality. So, I hope to see you here, once a week, while I practice being personable.

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  • christina

    I’m all about adding a bit more ME to my posts as well. I think that [most of the time] they’re pretty conversational but there’s so much about one’s personal life, philosophy, and background that influences our reading. It has definitely occurred to me to include more of that!

  • Jessica

    Kathy – I would like to work in more audio books. But, with a two-year-old running about, it’s hard to maintain concentration.

    Jenny – I’m thinking once a week should be about right to keep me coming back. I also plan on visiting you a lot. :)

    Christina – I think you’re pretty personable already. But that is an interesting point that our personal stuff definitely colors our reading.

    Ann – Sometimes, I do the same. I have to read during the day too.

  • Care

    GREAT goals! We can do it. I have relaxed my goal from that 100 a year that I never make and hoping for 55.
    I think personably is a terrific word.

  • Amber Stults

    Good luck with your goals. I like the writing more personably goal. My reviews are pretty rote and just about all there is on my site. If I had the energy, I’d copy your goal. :)

  • Jessica

    Care – Realistic goals is key; I think! And I’m sticking with personably. :)

    Amber – I think you are pretty personable yourself, but, within reason, I think there is always a little more we can share.

  • Clare

    Hello there Jessica my old friend, your post struck a chord with me today and prompted a comment. Personable. I like that word and it’s something that my own book blog was lacking in 2011. All reviews and no journalling and I hope to make my blog more personable too in 2012. I need to spend more time with books too and was tempted to set myself the challenge of 50, though with a full time job I’m not sure I’ll reach it. Worth a try though. Look forward to hanging out with you along the way :)
    Xoxo Clare

  • Jessica

    Clare – Thank you for commenting!! I’m so glad to find you after losing contact. I’ll be following along with you this year!

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