Emotional Geology, by Linda Gillard

Emotional Geology, by Linda Gillard

I read this tale by Linda Gillard thanks to some impressive bibliovangelizing by Angie at Angieville. I downloaded it onto my Kindle ($.99!) and started reading away.

Rose had a passionate love affair with Gavin that ended badly five years ago. Very badly. And it caused a serious rift with her now-grown daughter, Megan, too. Now she is trying to put her life back together on a remote island of Scotland. She’s determined to live a quiet, solitary, and sane life, until she meets the handsome poet next door.

Okay, my description just doesn’t do the story justice. There was much to admire in this book. The writing was lovely. I was enchanted with the way the words and sentences flowed and, especially, with the poetry inserted here and there.

Also, the setting was perfect. It’s set on the island of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. The descriptions of the ocean and the bleak but beautiful landscape infused the entire book. And the characters were great. Rose is just crazy enough, and I could not get enough of Calum. He was completely adorable.

But, and this is a major but for me, I could not believe the love story. I could not believe that Calum would put up with all of Rose’s baggage. I could not believe that the story ended with the plot point that it did. Gavin just infiltrated the story too much for me. And so, I came away a little unsatisfied. That said, I will likely read more of Gillard’s works. She is clearly a gifted writer, and this was still an impressive first novel.

Emotional Geology, by Linda Gillard [rating:3]

P.S. This book reminded me a lot of Rosy Thornton’s The Tapestry of Love. So, if you liked that one, you’ll likely like this one too.

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