The Maze Runner Series, by James Dasher (Audio)

The Maze Runner Series, by James Dasher (Audio)

I’ve been wanting to read this series for a while. James Dashner is a local Utah author, and I met him at the very first Utah book bloggers social. So, when I saw the audio books at my local library, I snatched them up. Here’s a plot synopsis of the first book:

Thomas wakes up in a huge box, and all he can recall is his name. When the box opens, he becomes part of the Glade, a mini-society of 40 or so teenage boys. But not all is well in the Glade. The Glade is surrounded by a giant maze, filled with deadly Grievers – half machines/half animals. Then, a girl arrives in the Glade, announcing that she has set “the end” in motion. Then the race is on to solve the maze and escape the Glade. And to find out more about WICKED, the group that sent them all to the maze in the first place.

The second and third books continue along the same vein, with the Gladers trying to figure out WICKED.

This is a fun, adventure-filled series. The first two books, in particular, raced along. The third one had some pacing issues, but still kept me wanting to read. One thing I didn’t really notice until I finished is that there are basically no subplots in the entire series. Though there are a couple of potential kind of/sort of romantic interests introduced, nothing really comes of them. And there are, of course, things that happen to people other than Thomas, but, for the most part, it is all about Thomas all of the time. By the end of the third book, I was getting a little bit tired of him. And, while I enjoyed the stories, I did have to actively suspend disbelief at parts. I often found myself rolling my eyes and talking back to the audio. But mostly, the adventure and pacing carried me along.

I think the series will appeal to tween/early-teenage boys the most, but I still thought it was fun.

A note on the audio versions. The same narrator, Mark Deakins, did all three books. I thought he did a good job. He gave most of the characters their own unique voices. However, the audio books themselves were not formatted particularly well – the tracks were long, and the discs did not announce their beginning or order.

The Maze Runner Series, by James Dashner (Audio) [rating:3]

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