My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions, by Becca Wilhite

My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions, by Becca Wilhite

Title: My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions
Author: Becca Wilhite
Pages: 181
Originally Published: 2010
Format I Read: Paperback
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Rating: [rating:4]

Sarah is a college freshman. She’s feeling a little abandoned by her parents and removed from her roommates. And she’s coming off of a traumatic high school experience. On the first day of class, she ends up in an art history study group with Ben. When Ben becomes more involved in her life, Sarah has to determine whether she can trust him or whether her romantic obsessions have gotten the best of her.

The writing is lovely. I love Sarah’s voice. Her internal chatter and back-and-forth was fun to read. Here’s a snippet of when Sarah first interacts with Ben on her own:

“Hi, Sarah.”

I’m going to do it. I’m going to say his name. I’m going to speak it aloud for the first time. With a smile of someone else’s confidence, I open my mouth. “Hi, Adonis.”

Oh, you did not.

I think my ears are on fire.

You absolutely did not just call him Adonis.

Where is a very deep hole I can climb into?

He is standing by the couch with a half-amused, half-confused look on his face. I mutter something about notes and bolt to my room. Could I lock myself in here and never, ever come out again? Chel could slide saucers full of smoothies and muffin crumbs under the door three times a day. Maybe I could scratch through the wallboards and make a passageway to the bathroom. I could pursue my education online and write journal articles under a pseudonym and wear dark colors and let my hair grow wild and hide in this room like a twenty-first century Emily Dickinson and never have to face Adonis or anyone else like him.

We should probably stop referring to him that way. It might prevent embarrassing slipups.

Oh, shut up, you. (22-23)

Sarah is essentially an unreliable narrator, and, other than her voice, I didn’t particularly love being in her head. She’s so obtuse throughout, I could barely stand it. However, I think that this book will speak to a lot of young adults (and adults) who are (or remember being) completely unsure of themselves.

My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions, by Becca Wilhite [rating:4]