The Hollow City, by Dan Wells

The Hollow City, by Dan Wells

Title: The Hollow City
Author: Dan Wells
Pages: 336
Originally Published: 2012
Format I Read: Hardback
Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC
Rating: [rating:4]

Dan Wells is a local Utah Author. I recently got to meet him at the Dark Days tour, and he was charming and funny. I had previously read his first book, I Am Not a Serial Killer and loved the writing. And after two very enthusiastic reviews from Suey and Jenny, I had to read The Hollow City immediately.

The narrator of this book, Michael, is a diagnosed schizophrenic. He believes that he is being relentlessly pursued by men with no faces. Is he actually being pursued? Is he hallucinating? Or is it some of both?

Three awesome things about The Hollow City:
1. I have never read another book like this.
2. Nothing in this book happened the way I expected it to.
3. There are a number of interpretations as to what really happened.

This was a great book. Great writing; awesome pacing; fascinating story. You should read it.

The Hollow City, by Dan Wells [rating:4]