2012 Summation

2012 Summation


Total Books Read = 105
Average Books Read Per Month = 8.75
Best Reading Month = January (15 books)
Worst Reading Month = July (6 books)

Total Pages Read = 32,700
Average Pages Per Book = 311
Average Pages Read Per Day = 90
Average Pages Read Per Month = 2,725
Total Chunksters (450+ pages) Read = 11

Total Nonfiction Books Read = 11
Total Adult Fiction Books Read = 41
Total YA Fiction Books Read = 34
Total Middle Grade Fiction Books Read = 19
Total Audio Books “Read” = 19
Total Kindle Books Read = 16
Total Books Reread = 16
Total Review Books Read = 13
Total Library Books Read = 32
Total Books Read for Book Club = 17

Total Books By Women = 68
Total Books By Men = 35
Total Books By Men & Women = 2 (Husband and wife teams: Shannon & Dean Hale; Benedict & Mary Freedman)
Total New-to-Me Authors = 56
Total Utah Authors = 12
(Dan Wells, Sara Zarr, James Dashner, Terry Tempest Williams, Shannon Hale, Dan Wells, Brandon Sanderson, Becca Wilhite, Julianne Donaldson, Heather B. Armstrong, Dene Low, Ally Condie)
Repeat Authors = 13
Megan Whalen Turner (4); Ian McEwan (3); Jane Austen (3); Sara Zarr (3); J.K. Rowling (3); Shannon Hale (3); James Dashner (3); E.L. James (3); Terry Tempest Williams (2); Dan Wells (2); Rebecca Stead (2); Veronica Roth (2); Lois Lowry (2)

Total Books Read that I Own = 74
Total Books Read that I Don’t Own = 31

[rating:5] Ratings = 21
[rating:4] Ratings = 55
[rating:3] Ratings = 26
[rating:2] Ratings = 3
[rating:1] Ratings = 0


The Pulitzer Project – 11/85 [1 winner reread this year]
The Printz Project – 8/13 (+7 Honor books) [1 winner this year; 2 honors this year; 1 honor reread this year]
The Newberry Project – 25/91 (+12 Honor books) [5 winners this year; 4 winners reread this year; 3 honors this year; 2 honors reread this year]


  • So, I beat my original goal of reading 50 books this year by 55 books! It was my best reading year ever. One of my other reading goals for 2012 were to post at least once a week – a goal I also surpassed, with the exception of November due to NaNoWriMo. I also resolved to write more personably – progress on this goal is hard to measure, but I think I still have a way to go on this one. And finally, I had a goal to read both carefully and freely – I like to think I met this goal too. I definitely read widely, but I also managed to fit in quite a few books from the book bucket list.
  • My numbers were definitely helped by the 19 audio books I “read.” This is the first year that I’ve consistently listened to audio books. I’m behind on news and popular culture due to never listening to the radio, but it has made car rides infinitely more enjoyable.
  • The other number that impressed me were the 17 books I read for my two book clubs. Both of my book clubs are the highlights of my reading months. I love getting together with other readers and discussing! It also helps me to read books that I wouldn’t otherwise read.
  • A huge highlight of my reading year was Utah Book Month in August. I had such a blast promoting Utah authors and bloggers. I can’t wait for it again this year.
  • And finally, really, you are all highlights of the year. Your posts and your enthusiasm for reading buoy me up and make me think and encourage me to keep up this obsession.

2012 was a great year! I enjoyed reading with all of you. Have a happy new year.