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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals for 2013

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish list meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


Last year, I made three bookish resolutions. And I succeeded in whole or in part on all three. This year, then, feeling good and ambitious, I have been tempted to over-reach a bit. To set resolution after resolution, goal after goal. To join this and that and that. But, after pondering my goals over this last week, I have decided to again attempt restraint. I give you my top five bookish resolutions.

1. Read 75 Books.
2. Get organized. My books are out of control, taking over my front room floor in ever more precarious stacks. My two-year-old is at risk of bodily harm. So, more shelves are in order, as is cataloging everything on LibraryThing.
3. Participate in at least two group reads/readalongs. I’m getting close to half way there on this one already! Suey from It’s All About Books and I are hosting a readalong of Wolf Hall. Look for our introduction posts tomorrow.
4. Read 10 selections from my Classics Club list.
5. Buy fewer books. I can’t outright ban myself from the purchase of books, because I would fail. But I’m going to do better. No book-hunting trips to thrift stores. More trips to the library.

What are your bookish goals for 2013?

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  • Cecelia

    I like your list! Short and sweet and doable. I added something like your #2 to my list – I really need to cull my shelves and get them in order. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jenni Elyse

    I must look up this Wolf Hall and see if I want to participate. And, congrats on achieving all your goals from last year! I wish I could say that, lol. Good luck this year!

    • Jessica

      We’d love to have you join us!

      I think this was the first year that I managed to mostly complete my goals. And, to be fair, they were very relaxed and small goals. :)

  • L

    a big goal for me is to read more award-winners this year, and I share your goal of getting better organized.

    good luck with meeting all your goals, and congrats on being so successful with them this past year!

    • Jessica

      Organization is key for me this year. I’m tired of tripping over stacks of books. And I’m always looking to read lots of award winners. I look forward to reading with you this year!

  • Jenny

    K, but before you organize those books take before pictures and of course, after pictures. I must see those stacks!

    • Jessica

      Good point! I always forget to do before pictures. I recently did a massive reorganization of my office, and I’m super bummed that I don’t have before pictures to compare. I’ll make sure to take them before I embark on this project. :)

  • Bookzilla

    This is the second list I’ve seen today that could have been written by me. Getting books organized is a never-ending battle — glad to see you’re taking it head-on in 2013.

    Agreed 100% on more trips to the library. Your bookshelves and your wallet will thank you. :)

    Good luck with your goals! Here's my TTT for the week. Would love for you to stop by!

    • Jessica

      I’ve encountered a number of lists like that. :) Organization seems to be very much on readers minds lately. And the library too. I’m feeling the solidarity!

  • Laurie C

    Good luck! I just finished listening to the audio book of Wolf Hall, so will be interested in the discussion. I’ve got Bring Up the Bodies waiting, but I’m going to listen to something different before launching right in to it (although I’m curious to find out how things happen next).

    • Jessica

      Wow! I’m impressed that you listened to the audio book of WOLF HALL. It being a chunkster and an involved work of historical fiction, I don’t think I would have followed it well on audio. We’d love to have you chime in on the discussions!

  • Emily

    Great goals! Very doable and just challenging enough to keep it interesting. I’ve resolved to read more of the books I already own. I’ve never made this resolution before because I rarely buy books I haven’t already read, but I looked at my shelf the other day and realized my pile of unread books is slowly growing. I need to read them or send them on their merry way.

    • Jessica

      I am working on reversing my book-buying habits to match yours. I tend to buy a lot of books – mostly of things I haven’t read. What I am trying to do is to use the library and my Kindle to “test out” books before I give them a permanent place in my house. But it’s hard!

      Good luck on your goals!

  • Care

    What?! no thrift-store book hunting? NOOoooooo. I was so lucky to find King’s IT at the Salvation Army. :) But I admit, I don’t go often. And I’m trying to get better about using the library. I finally (not sure what took me so long) realized they probably have a copy of Harry Potter. *foreheadslap*. I’ve been trying to bookmooch it and it’s never available.

    • Jessica

      I know. I know. I may break this one a couple of times, because I love thrift-store-hunting so. But I’m really trying not to buy books! BookMooch has been very slow lately as far as inventory, I’ve noticed. It’s rather disappointing.

  • Robin G. Armstrong

    I got reeeeaaaaalllllly behind on my goodreads goals (50 books) this year, so for the past 4ish months I’ve been limiting myself to books under 350 pages (450 if YA, since they tend to read quick). As a result I have a HUGE list of books that are longer than my cutoff that I need to read in 2013.

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