The Times? They Are Already Different

The Times? They Are Already Different

Much ado has already been made about the closing of Google Reader. I’ll admit that I was not that concerned when I first heard. Disappointed, yes, but not necessarily concerned. There are other options, yes?

But I do want to take action to make sure that I can continue to keep track of all of the blogs I love to read and that you can continue to keep track of me. I also found myself scrutinizing the other providers and services I use here at The Bluestocking Society – chief among them, Feedburner. After pondering all of this, these are the decisions I have made:

First, I have switched from Google Reader to Feedly. They are promising that the transition from Reader will be seamless, and I actually really like the feel of it. I also did some excellent spring cleaning of my feeds, reworking my folders, getting rid of defunct blogs, and adding in a lot of new blogs. So, I’m all set to keep up with you.

RSS Icon blueNext, I’d love for you to keep up with me! To this end, I have decided to close my Feedburner feed, and to use my native feed. With the demise of Reader and the deprecation of FeedBurner, I don’t want to be at the mercy of Google’s whims anymore. I want to be in control of my feed. Unfortunately, this may require a small bit of effort on your part.

If you follow The Bluestocking Society via some kind of feed reader, you’ll need to make sure that you have the correct feed:

Old, Soon-to-be-Defunct Feed:

Permanent Feed:

Update: You can check to see which feed you subscribe to in Google Reader by doing the following: in Reader, click on The Bluestocking Society. Then, under the “Feed settings” menu, click on “View details and statistics.” If that comes up with the Feedburner feed, you’ll need to unsubscribe from it and resubscribe using the correct feed of

If you follow The Bluestocking Society via email, you do not need to do anything. There will be no disruption to your emails, though, after this post, they will be sent by MailChimp rather than Feedburner.

While change is always hard, I’m excited by the new things I’m learning and the new services I’ve found. I hope to still meet you in the blogosphere, often.