Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: 5 Easy Steps to an Index Page

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: 5 Easy Steps to an Index Page

CHALLENGE: Create an index for a selection of your posts.

If you are a book blogger, you probably have a decent number of reviews in your archive. Or maybe you have a regular feature with a bunch of posts. One good way to feature and organize a category of posts at the same time is to create an index page. With this one page, readers can find all of the related posts in one convenient place. As an added bonus, it’s pretty easy.

1. Pick a category of posts to index.
As discussed above, these can be anything really. Any selection of posts you’d like to organize and feature. Ideas include reviews, features, events, and memes.

2. Create a new page.
The steps for this will vary based on the blogging platform you are using. But just a plain old new page will do. (If you don’t want to make a page, you could also just use a regular post and link it up somewhere on your home page for easy access.)

3. Decide how you’re going to organize the posts.
What makes the most sense for your selected posts? There are a number of options: alphabetically, chronologically, categorically, etc. My reviews are organized in three different ways: alphabetically by title; alphabetically by author’s last name, and categorically by rating. (This may be overkill; I know.)

4. Add in your post information.
This is easy to say and probably time-consuming to do. Start adding in the information and link for each post.

5. Create sublinks.
If your index page has a lot of posts, it may make sense to add in sublinks. Sublinks are links that jump around within the page. You’ve probably seen these where there are a lot of alphabetical entries, and sublinks are included for each letter at the top of the page. Sublinks make navigating the page a lot easier. I have sublinks at work on my About page. Again, the options are fairly endless. You could do letters, dates, categories, etc. It just takes a minute.

A. Go to the location where you want the link to jump to on the page. Just before the section begins, pop in this code in the html editor, adding in your chosen sublink name:

<a name=”SUBLINKNAME”></a>

In the html of my page, right by my heading “Disclosure,” the code looks like this:

About Page Sublinks html 2

B. Then, at the top of your page, or wherever you want the sublink to appear, include this link with your chosen text, again changing it to your particular page and sublink names:


My link looks like this:
And the final sublink at the top of the page looks like this:

About Page Sublinks

And you’ve got a working sublink! Rinse and repeat.

What posts do you want to index?

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