Utah Book Month Readalong: Part 2

Utah Book Month Readalong: Part 2

Here we go! Today marks the official end of the first-ever Utah Book Month Readalong. I had such a lovely time reading Not in the Script for the second time with some fun company. Here are my thoughts on the discussion questions for the second half of the book.

1. Have your opinions of any of the characters changed from the first half?
Since this is my second read-through, I don’t think my opinions changed a whole lot. I had conflicting feelings about Brett throughout. I felt bad for him that he apparently had genuine feelings for Emma, but I did not like the way he tricked her into being in front of the cameras with him. I liked Emma and Jake throughout and had little patience for Rachel.

2. Would you watch Coyote Hills?
Yep. Because I liked the book so much. But in real life, it’s not a show that I would probably be interested in. (I understand that Amy Finnegan’s brother worked on Parenthood, which is where she got some of the inspiration for Not in the Script, and that is a show I loved!)

3. Did everything go down like you thought it would?
Well, yes. Again, the reread thing. The first time, though, I definitely thought Emma and Jake would get together, but that Brett (and Rachel) would do their best to screw that up. So, yes.

4. If there’s a lesson to be learned from this story, what do you think it is?
Be kind. Be genuine. Don’t act different in front of different audiences.

5. How do you feel about the portrayal of the parents of these characters?
Overall, I thought it was fairly realistic. Emma had been older than her age for some time. And, at 18, it definitely made since that she lived on her own. Jake’s mom, too, seemed realistic to me, probably again because Jake had been out doing adult things for some time.

6. What parts felt realistic and what parts felt unrealistic?
I don’t really know how to answer this one. To me, it felt pretty realistic. I mean, with the whole TV set thing, there is an element of unreality, but I felt that it was a pretty realistic portrayal of that life. Oh, the one thing I felt was a tiny bit unrealistic was that Jake would completely shut Emma out there after the Brett incident without listening to her explanation, at least. The book set up the whole time how cameras could lie.

7. What was your favorite part?
My favorite part is from the first half, when you get both Jake and Emma’s reactions to the other. I quoted it in my response to Part 1, but it’s so good I’ll put it here again:

From Emma’s perspective:
One look at him tells me I should slam the door and bolt it.
I’ve just discovered Jake’s best look yet–freshly showered. His hair is shiny black because it’s still a little set, and it curls up in all the right places. And he’s wearing a tight jade-green tee that’s partially tucked in.
Couldn’t he look bad just one? Just tonight? (111)

From Jake’s perspective:
If Emma had any mercy at all, she would have worn a frumpy dress and put her hair up in a librarian bun. Instead, she looks good enough to be on a movie screen and is just as untouchable. (118)

8. Who was your favorite character?
Emma. Hands down. I just liked spending time with her.

9. Do you have a favorite quote from the book?
See answer to number 7.

10. If you were in charge of a sequel, what major plot would you include?
So, I came up with this question, and I don’t have a good answer for it. Sheesh. I think I would have Jake and Emma trying to figure out how to work their relationship, how far to take it, how to manage their careers at the same time, etc. Maybe Jake wants to be Emma’s manager, but she’s not sure she’s ready to take that chance, etc. And then I’d bring in Rachel and her reality show fame and have Brett turn into the “best friend” character for Emma.

Whew! What are your thoughts about the conclusion of Not in the Script? Though the official readalong is over, there is plenty of time to grab this one and read it before the end of August. (The Not in the Script ebook is $1.99 on Amazon for the whole month of August*, so go grab it!) Also, Amy Finnegan is super cool, so make sure to check her out too.

* Link to the ebook on Amazon is an affiliate link.

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