Utah Book Month: Week 1 Mini-Challenge

Utah Book Month: Week 1 Mini-Challenge

Hello there! Welcome to week one of Utah Book Month, a celebration of all things literary here in Utah. Your challenge this week (and really all month), should you choose to accept it, is this:

  1. Take pictures of book-related items, places, or activities.
  2. Post the pictures to Instagram using the hashtags #UtahBooks and #UBMInstaChallenge.


The owner of my favorite picture, usually one with a strong Utah tie-in, will receive a book (up to $15) by a Utah author, shipped from The Book Depository. And, just for posting one picture (and noting that you did so in Rafflecopter), you’ll earn an entry into the Utah Book Month mega-giveaway!

I came up with a list of daily photo prompts as a fun way to get things going.

UBM Instagram Challenge 2015 A

Note that you do not have to post everyday or follow these prompts to be entered into my giveaway or to earn an entry in the mega-giveaway.

Be sure to check out the official Utah Books website for the full schedule of Utah Book Month events and for weekly updates posted each Saturday in August.

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