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The Bluestocking Society
A Place for Readers

The Bluestocking Society has two purposes, equal in import:
(1) To interact with other readers, book lovers, authors, literati, etc.
(2) To keep a record of the books I read.

If you’re a fellow book lover, I’d love to connect with you! Subscribe to this blog via RSS or find me at a variety of places about the internet.

About Me

My name is Jessica, and I am a book addict. I read and read and read. I am a lawyer by trade but a reader by necessity. I have a B.A. in English Literature and a J.D. I live in Utah with my husband, daughter, and dog.

I think I was born a voracious reader. As a child, I was happier to receive books than dolls as gifts, and my parents eventually had to inform me that they could no longer finance my book obsession.

My favorite places include bookstores (particularly musty ones with stacks of used books) and libraries. I have ceased trying to cure myself of my book-buying habit.

I belong to two face-to-face book clubs that meet once a month.

I, obviously, love to read and tend toward literary fiction as my genre of choice. That being said, I’ll read almost anything that sounds good (or that has won an award).

Review Policy

I am no longer accepting books for review.


Every review included in the Review Copy category was for a book sent to me for free by the author or publisher. All content and opinions in those posts are my own.

Rating System

I rate books based on a five-star scale.

[rating:5] = Genius
[rating:4] = Excellent
[rating:3] = Good
[rating:2] = Mediocre
[rating:1] = Terrible

This is a pretty personal scale that reflects my perception of the book immediately after finishing it, rather than a comparison to other books I’ve read.

Utah Books

Utah is home to an amazing book community, and Utah Books is designed to bring that community together. It was the brain child of Natasha of Maw Books Blog and is now run by me, Jessica of The Bluestocking Society, and Suey of It’s All About Books

We host Utah Book Month, an annual event held each August to celebrate Utah authors and book bloggers, as well as at least one social each year. You can find out more about Utah Book Month and other Utah Books events on the Utah Books website and by following us on Twitter @UtahBooks. We use the hashtag #UtahBooks to talk about Utah events, books, authors, and book bloggers all year long.

Updated – August 16, 2014